Beauty & Health Tips For Brides

When planning for that important bridal party day make sure to plan for everything. Think about the flowers to adorn the tables and other places, the songs the band will play and most important your bridal beauty which you cannot do without. Planning ahead for this day ensures that you do not end up with wedding blues on that important day. You should set a proper schedule that looks into all your needs as regards everything and most important the health and beauty products you need for proper trimming.

Bridal Beauty

Days before the bridal day think about all the things you require making you look beautiful and take the required action.


  • Your Hair-Proper hair maintenance and health are very important to your good looks. Think about healthy foods with Vitamin B ingredients like nuts, fish and eggs and start taking early enough. Use proper and recommended hair cosmetics that will give the hair a shiny and beautiful look.


  • Eyes-Having eye dark circles and the puffiness due to lack of sleep and stress can make your day horrible. Use proper methods of eye makeup removal process and have enough sleep. Apply the right eye creams and have enough sleep to improve your eye look. Eyes communicate a lot of things and are very important.


  • Face-Best care is required for your face. Just in case you have acne problem visit an expert dermatologist who will give a prescription of best creams, oral pills or administer face peels to rectify the problem.


  • Lips- To maintain that moisturised and best look you should take proper care of your lips. After all, it should be ready awaiting the very important kiss of all time. Use Vitamin E-stick from health stores to prevent creasing and bad weather effects. Always make sure to use a tooth brush and warm water to brush lips and teeth.


Other body parts- Some of the areas to think of are:


  • Areas around the neck as they will be uncovered on the day. Handle this area with care as is sensitive and fragile
  • Your body needs to be in shape through regular body exercises. Take the right healthy foods with vitamins to increase your body energy
  • Take care of your legs and feet by washing, shaving and applying moisturiser creams



Cosmetic Plastic Procedures

The bride can go for a cosmetic plastic procedure to enhance the looks. This includes both surgical and non-surgery procedures to enhance and change the shape of some of the body structures and appearance. It should be noted that plastic surgery is a personal choice and has possible side effects. Health insurance always refuses to cover these cases. Some of the procedures are.


  • Breast procedures like augmentation, mastopexy and breast reduction


  • Fat reduction procedure including kyphoplasty, laser/ultrasound liposuction etc.


  • Body lifts like arm lifts, body contours removal, thigh lifts and tummy tucks


  • Face and neck lifts


Beauty Business

The beauty business has expanded rapidly over the years and has become one of the most profitable businesses to operate. The Spa and Salon business has expanded rapidly with very many salons, traditional barber shops, nail shops and spas.

A beauty business can be started with moderate resources though for full-service day spas and beauty salons require higher funding. The main trick is to learn and understand all the beauty products that are on the market and the demand factor. The services offered are wide like men and ladies hair care and cuts, cosmetic products like shampoos, nail products extra.