Beauty & Health Tips For Brides

When planning for that important bridal party day make sure to plan for everything. Think about the flowers to adorn the tables and other places, the songs the band will play and most important your bridal beauty which you cannot do without. Planning ahead for this day ensures that you do not end up with […]

Bridal Beauty

Wedding days are moments which mark one of the highest moments in our lives. A bride lives with those memories forever, and sure most have photo albums specifically for this day. Just having a quick review of the photos adds a shine in their later lives, even when they are feeling low. Hence, putting all […]

Beauty Business

In the beauty industry competition is very stiff, and for any entrepreneur they need to keep themselves up- to- date constantly with the latest trends. The current modern world is characterised by constant new inventions and discoveries been made in every sector, not excluding the beauty sector. For some who have tried venturing into this […]